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Hi, I’m Kerry Pearson, an artist without a niche. I studied a foundation degree in art and design after I left school, before getting my BA in illustration. But I didn’t pick up a paintbrush in that entire time (I barely picked up a pencil), and I didn’t go near anything type and lettering related except for picking a pre-made font for an editorial brief - so I consider myself somewhat self-taught. 


Then, in my second year of my illustration degree, I found a new passion - nursing. I’m really passionate about people; connecting with people, making a positive difference. Whether it is emergency situation and I’m giving life saving care or just having a chat about how they are doing, people matter and I’m honoured to help people through their worst days - and also celebrating with them on the really good days.


It was during my second degree that I found bullet journalling and that community on instagram, and since then its snowballed into what I do now. Which includes hand lettering and calligraphy, watercolour, embroidery, illustration, making physical things like bookmarks with my art and lettering on them; not having a niche really is my niche. 


Since joining instagram, I’ve had the opportunity to work with and collaborate with businesses including Ferris Wheel Press, Hahnemuehle, Hydracolour, Stakiwi Colours and Designhill. And I’ve also been featured in a Buzzfeed article or two! 


You’ve read the kind of resume style information, now onto the stuff you actually want to know - sometimes I like to brush my teeth with warm water. I haven’t left the house without winged eyeliner on since I was 13 years old (I’ll give you a hint, over a decade). My playlist also hasn’t really changed since I was 13 years old. I’ve got nose prints on paintings before because I get that close to my desk when I work. I would prefer to sit with a good book than 99% of other activities. Cats > dogs. Unless you class leggings as trousers and not pyjamas, I haven’t wore trousers / jeans for years, you’ll always find me in a dress or skirt. I absolutely hate summer, I’d rather have cold weather, even though I am always complaining about how cold I am. I am really bad with small talk and I’m the most introverted person I know (might be because I don’t hang out with many people in real life because of how introverted I am). But I am always up to hang out virtually, so lets be friends, or collaborate / work together :) Hit that contact button, or click here

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